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  • Personalized Consulting

Accordingly, our team suggests appropriate language schools, colleges or universities as well as major and minor academic programs for each student. We also advise on testing plans and timelines for the application process.

  • Right University/Institute And Right Academic Road Map

GEN plan and draw the academic road map with respect to a student’s abilities, skills, talents, interests, personality, financial concerns and learning style. We find the institute that match the student’s educational background and future plans.

  • Visa Guidance And Assistance

Visa guidance and documentation is a complex procedure. Although all countries department responsible for grant of visa identify the visa application procedure and required documentation, each applicant needs to complete visa application package with respect to specific requirement of designated country.

  • New Culture A New Educational System

GEN advise students through the transition to University/Institute, setting them up for success once they are ready to leave home. We also consult about the internal culture of the universities/institutes, instructors’ general expectations, assignments, school activities, students associations, etc.

  • Scholarship And Assistantship Applications

GEN also advise for separate scholarship and assistantship applications during the overall application procedures. For us, the real success in consulting on international education is helping to secure scholarships and find open assistantship positions for our students.

  • Accommodation Guidance And Support

GEN have in-depth knowledge of abroad universities and their accommodation facilities arrangement. We can certainly support you in arranging any accommodation like host family, university residence hall etc.

  • Post Arrival Assistance

GEN also offers post arrival assistance to the students that we place in various universities across the world. GEN assists airport pick ups, temporary accommodation for the students in collaboration with respective universities.