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Global Education Network (GEN) is an international education consulting company for students who wishes to continue their educational dreams abroad.

We assist students, parents, educators, schools, universities and businesses by offering one stop educational solutions on a global scale. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to make positive change through education. With our global network of partners we are able to offer a wide range of high quality services tailored to our clients’ individual needs. In today's fiercely competitive scenario, while, choosing the right career is very critical, it is equally difficult as well. And what make matter even worse is the availability of multiple options and friendly suggestions as well as mind set of parents. So, in the present scenario, it requires professional guidance and advisory - for an individual or a student to pursue the right career and that is where GEN comes into picture.

We are one of the leading and best study abroad agencies in Pakistan, setting students into Universities/Colleges all around the world. We work for the terms of Arranging and Assisting Admission, Career Guidance and Course Selection, Application Processing, Follow-up for Securing Admission, Visa Guidance, Pre-Departure Briefing, Travel Assistance, Accommodation Assistance etc. We are always ready to give the core support as we are doing these works to build our own career.

Our Vision

At GEN, we strongly believe that further and higher education requires solid planning to ensure that, students choose appropriate academic path way. To keep this in mind, we assist students giving exhaustive information about study opportunities worldwide.

Our Mision

“To help individuals in finding their right career path so that they realize their dreams and become successful in leading a meaningful life.”


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